About Hoftype

Hoftype is the typefoundry founded by Dieter Hofrichter in 2010 and is located in Munich, Germany.
Hoftype is designing new types for professional applications as well as developing new interpretations of classical types for retail and custom purposes to meet today’s demands.
One of our intentions is, utilizing the knowledge about type history to create contemporary types.
Style consciousness and many years of experience in type design are our qualifications for producing functional and usable types of high quality.

Dieter Hofrichter was born in Mannheim, Germany. His artistic education started at the Rödel Art School where his education was focused on calligraphy and typography under the type designer Herbert Post. Here he also took classes in applied and decorative arts under Professor Charles Crodel. Afterwards he studied graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg with Professor Karl Hans Walter.
In 1988 Dieter Hofrichter came in contact with the great type creator Günter Gerhard Lange who introduced him to the secrets of functional type. This was the beginning of a long relationship in a fruitful collaboration with many highly productive years. Among the types which Dieter Hofrichter collaborated on are: Futura BQ, Berthold Garamond, Whittingham, Akzidenz-Grotesk, Imago and many others.

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Contact info:
Dieter Hofrichter
Sigmaringer Str. 16
10713 Berlin